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IPERC Announces New Department of Defense Cybersecurity Authorization to Operate (ATO) for GridMaster® Microgrid Control System

Longmont, CO - July 2017 - IPERC the industry leader in cybersecure, intelligent microgrid controls solutions for military, utility and commercial applications, has announced that the Department of Defense (DoD) has authorized the company's GridMaster® microgrid control system at Fort Carson Army Post, Colorado under the Risk Management Framework (RMF) more

IPERC Welcomes West Point Military Academy Cadet to Longmont, Colorado Lab

Longmont, CO - July 2017 - IPERC is pleased to welcome our newest intern, Cadet Nicholas Turner, a rising junior majoring in Electrical Engineering at the United States Military Academy at West more

Prestigious Selection Taps IPERC to Design and Install Cybersecure Microgrid at Fort Belvoir, VA

Fort Montgomery, NY - October 2016 - IPERC (Intelligent Power & Energy Research Corporation), the industry leader in cybersecure, intelligent microgrid controls solutions for military and commercial applications, has announced they have been selected by the Department of Defense (DoD) to design and install a multi-megawatt cybersecure microgrid at Fort Belvoir, more

How Unintentional Microgrids Will Create New Opportunity: S&C Electric

Elisa Wood - Microgrid Knowledge - October 3, 2016 - : IPERC's John Carroll and S&C Electric's David Chiesa discuss S&C's acquisition of IPERC and what it means to the microgrid more

SPIDERS Microgrid Team Selected For Two Prestigious Awards From U.S. Department of Energy and Department of Defense

Fort Montgomery, N.Y. - September 2016 - IPERC (Intelligent Power & Energy Research Corporation), the industry leader in cybersecure, intelligent microgrid controls solutions for military and commercial applications, has received notice that the microgrid team for the Smart Power Infrastructure Demonstration for Energy Reliability and Security (SPIDERS) projects has been selected for two prestigious awards from government agencies in the area of energy and water conservation. The U.S. Department of Energy presented the Federal Energy and Water Management Award and the Department of Defense presented the Joint Capabilities Technology Demonstration Team of the Year to the entire SPIDERS project team for outstanding project more

S&C Electric Company and IPERC: Building the Military-Grade Microgrid

BY Jeff St. John, GTM - September 8, 2016 - Last week, S&C Electric Company, the big Chicago-based provider of grid-switching and protection gear, communications, and battery systems, acquired IPERC, a New York-based maker of military-grade microgrid software and control more

S&C Electric Company completes acquisition of Intelligent Power & Energy Research Corporation (IPERC)

CHICAGO & FORT MONTGOMERY, NY - August 25, 2016 - S&C Electric Company, a global provider of equipment and services for electric power systems, and IPERC, an industry leader in cybersecure, intelligent microgrid control systems, today announced a definitive agreement under which S&C would acquire all outstanding common shares of IPERC. Terms of the transaction were not more

SPIDERS team awarded prestigious JCTD TEAM OF THE YEAR award

APRIL 2016 - The SPIDERS team was recently selected as the TEAM OF THE YEAR for 2015 for successfully completing the installation of three cybersecure microgrids at various locations throughout the US. As a team member, IPERC provided the distributed controls solution from our GridMaster® suite of control solutions, and obtained an Authority-to-Operate, the first of its kind within the DoD. According to Mr. Elmer Roman, the Director of JCTD Programs,

"The SPIDERS team developed, demonstrated and left in place three operational microgrids at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam Hawaii, Fort Carson Colorado, and Camp Smith Hawaii. The JCTD resulted in reduction in fuel consumption and carbon emissions, increased used of renewables, increase reliability and a significant improvement in cyber security. This was accomplished despite managing a very complex JCTD consisting of nine funding partners, the integration of technologies from five Department of Energy laboratories, integration of technology from various system vendors and a series of unexpected challenges and force schedule disruptions. SPIDERS' most lasting contributions is its influence on the standards and policies for microgrid technology that will be applied at DoD bases worldwide."


APRIL 2016 - IPERC is excited to announce the immediate release of the GridMaster® Microgrid control system product datasheet. Complete with electrical and mechanical specifications, as well as operational characteristics, this datasheet now provides potential customers with in-depth insight into the GridMaster® control system and the Intelligent Power Controllers.View datasheet.

IPERC a Huge Success at Distributech 2016 in Orlando, FL

January 12, 2016 - Orlando, FL - IPERC recently closed out a 3-day exhibition in Orlando, Florida by sponsoring a prominent booth at Distributech 2016. With nearly 12,000 visitors to the exhibition, IPERC's cybersecure microgrid control system, the GridMaster®, was on display. IPERC and our partner, S&C Electric, co-sponsored an operational microgrid on the show flow, leveraging the wireless communications capability of our control system. The GridMaster® was embedded in equipment resident in the S&C Electric booth, as well as in equipment positioned in the IPERC booth. Combined with a spectacular graphical user interface on display in the IPERC booth, visitors were able to manipulate the microgrid and simulate grid-outages, subsequently viewing the GridMaster® as it automatically isolates and optimizes the microgrid.

IPERC wishes to thank all of our partners and customers who visited with us during Distributech 2016 and we look forward to seeing you at the next industry conference!

IPERC Booth Distributech IPERC Team Members

In the dark over power grid security

November 1, 2015 - Chip Reid, CBS News - A massive power failure this time of year could leave millions of us in the dark ... possibly for a long time. A blackout that would be all the worse if it were the result of a deliberate more

IPERC Selected to Provide Cybersecure Microgrid Consulting Services to the Metropolitan-Washington DC Area Governments & Municipalities

October 8, 2015 - Fort Montgomery, NY - IPERC (Intelligent Power & Energy Research Corporation), the industry leader in cybersecure, intelligent microgrid controls solutions for military and commercial applications, has announced that the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (MWCOG) has selected IPERC and its partners, led by CHA Companies, to provide detailed microgrid design and consulting services throughout the Washington DC more

Experts: U.S. must do more to protect energy grid from cyberattacks

October 21, 2015 - By Sean Cockerham - The U.S. needs to be more aggressive in putting critical energy infrastructure out of reach of cyberattacks, a top official of the government's Idaho National Laboratory warned lawmakers. Brent Stacey, the lab's associate director, told a pair of House subcommittees Wednesday that the problem is bad and getting more

IPERC receives first DoD cybersecurity accreditation of a microgrid system with authorization to operate (ATO)

August 31, 2015 - Fort Montgomery, NY - IPERC (Intelligent Power & Energy Research Corporation), the industry leader in cybersecure, intelligent microgrid controls solutions for military and commercial applications, has announced that the Department of Defense (DoD) has accredited the company's GridMaster® control system at Camp Smith, Hawaii with Platform IT Risk Approval (PRA) more

But What if the Microgrid Fails Too?

August 20, 2015 - By Elisa Wood - Microgrids act as insurance if the central electric grid fails. So it's fair to ask, how do you keep the microgrid from failing too? It's a legitimate worry since microgrids increasingly provide back-up power for critical facilities - hospitals, emergency services, telecommunications towers and the more

Notice of Patent Application Publication

Fort Montgomery, NY - May 21, 2015 - IPERC has been granted with with a Patent Application Publication (Publication Number US-2015-0142197-A1) on Automated Identification of Components in a Power Grid. This patent describes the technology for identifying the location of electric loads in a power grid. We developed a technique whereby each device on the network indicates its presence through the use of a short, rapidly oscillating current draw that can be detected by sensors and our advanced pattern recognition techniques. Thus, when the system recognizes that a load is added to or removed from the grid, an automatic process is initiated whereby each transmitter issues a beacon while each receiver listens. The process is repeated for each load in the grid and the results can be used to create a topology showing the relative locations of all sources and loads. U.S. Patent Publication Number US-2015-0142197-A1

CEO Darrell Massie serves as panelist for Renewable Energy Seminar

Toronto, Canada - February 6, 2015 - IPERC CEO Dr. Darrell Massie was in attendance at the Integrating Mining & Renewable Energy seminar in Toronto. The seminar, presented by the Competence Center for Mining and Mineral Resources, provided an opportunity for industry leaders to discuss renewable energy solutions for mining companies in Canada. Alongside other expert panelists, IPERC addressed solutions on how to deliver economic, reliable, secure, and sustainable energy in an existing infrastructure.

Darrell Massie serves as panelist for Hoboken Microgrid Symposium

Hoboken, NJ - November 6, 2014 (CBSNewYork) - The city of Hoboken is trying to come up with a way to keep the lights on in some buildings during a power outage. As WCBS 880's Levon Putney reported, among the 55 or so buildings that would remain powered up by a "microgrid" are senior homes, the hospital, the police station, supermarkets and pharmacies.Hoboken Eyes $50M Plan To Make Critical Buildings Blackout-Proof

Darrell Massie serves as panelist for Hoboken Microgrid Symposium

Hoboken, NJ - November 5, 2014 - IPERC CEO Dr. Darrell Massie attended a city-hosted meeting at Stevens Institute of Technology to discuss opportunities of installing a $50 million microgrid in Hoboken. For more information about the event visit: What happens if Hoboken goes dark? Mayor hopes a $50M microgrid will illuminate vital buildings

IPERC presents at international microgird conference

Barcelona, Spain - September 23, 2014 - IPERC CEO Darrell D. Massie presented at the Fall 2014 Microgrid Deployment Workshop. The presentation examined the evolution of the modern day utility grid and the development of cyber-secure microgrids. Read more at:

IPERC CEO Darrell D. Massie to present Keynote Address

Fort Montgomery, NY - June 21, 2014 - IPERC CEO Darrell D. Massie will provide Keynote Address at Government & DoD Smart Grids & Alternative Energy Symposium 2014. The topic is titled "Needs & Challenges for the Advancement of Secure and Sustainable Energy Capabilities" and will be presented in Arlington, VA on 10 September. Read more: Government & DOD Smart Grids & Alternative Energy

IPERC Business Development Director, John Carroll, joins the recently announced GridStar Industry Advisory board

July 23, 2014 - IPERC Business Development Director, John Carroll, joins the recently announced GridStar Industry Advisory board. The DOE GridSTAR Center is a smart grid education and research center located at the University of Pennsylvania at University Park, PA.GridSTAR Industry Advisory Board

The Military Engineer Publication(TME) - Adding Reliability and Resiliency to the Electric Grid - By Darrell D. Massie and John M. Carroll

June 22, 2014 - Today's interconnected world requires more resiliency and reliability and, for the electric grid, that means adding cyber-secure intelligent microgrid controls. Read more:Adding Reliability and Resiliency to the Electric Grid

IPERC CEO Darrell D. Massie moderated at the Microgrid Cyber-security Panel, and Business Development Director John Carroll presented at the 4th Annual Military & Commercial Microgrids Conference

Fort Montgomery, NY - June 21, 2014 - IPERC CEO Darrell D. Massie and Business Development Director John Carroll moderated a Microgrid Cyber Security panel and presented at the 4th Annual Military & Commercial Microgrids Conference held in Washington DC from 17-19 June 2014. The attached presentation provides more information on the topic presented: Adding Resiliency & Reliability via Cyber Secure, Distributed Microgrid Controls

IPERC to Join Scitor Corporation as Member of New HD TAT Effort

IPERC has been selected as a team member of the recently awarded Homeland Defense & Security (HD) Technical Area Tasks (TATs) contract. IPERC will work on behalf of Scitor Corporation, one of twelve prime contractors on this effort. This five-year $900 million contract vehicle will provide an additional avenue for further IPERC research and analysis in alternative energy as it relates to homeland security. For more information about the HD TAT award visit:

IPERC, Intelligent Microgrid Controls Technology Innovator Expands Market Presence with a Newly Branded Digital Corporate Identity, Capabilities Brochure and Interactive Website

Fort Montgomery, NY - April 16, 2014 - IPERC (Intelligent Power & Energy Research Corporation), leading provider of intelligent microgrid controls solutions to the U.S. Military, local governments and commercial sector clients, has announced the expansion of its market presence with the launch of a revitalized digital brand and corporate identity, along with an interactive website ( designed to improve user experience and accessibility. For Immediate Release...

IPERC's Intelligent Microgrid Control System Selected as Cyber-Secure Microgrid Solution of Choice for DoD Smart Power Infrastructure Demonstration for Energy Reliability and Security (SPIDERS)

IPERC has been awarded a $3 Million, twenty-four month contract to install all the control equipment in the design and commissioning of a microgrid at Camp Smith, Hawaii. This is the SPIDERS Phase III JCTD, which is a joint effort between the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to model, design, install, and validate scalable, cyber-secure smart microgrid solutions to enhance continuity of operations at DOD bases in the face of electrical power disruptions. For Immediate Release...

Anderson Presents SPIDERS Cyber Security Session

At the Military Smart Grid Conference, located in Washington D.C., IPERC team member Moira Anderson presented on "IPERC's SPIDERS Cyber Secure Microgrid," including SPIDERS controls overview, design drivers, cyber security and SPIDERS lessons learned. Moira was able to report the successful completion of the Operational Demonstration for SPIDERS Phase II at Fort Carson, CO.

IPERC Completes Next Phase of Development on Universal Controller

IPERC completed development of the new Universal Interface controller at the IPERC laboratory. The Universal controller acts as a retrofit kit to add increased intelligence, capability, and functionality to existing and legacy generators. Included with the controller is a graphical user interface allowing the user a simple venue to customize and configure both recognized and new generators.

IPERC Delivers Equipment for Army Research Laboratory's Microgrid Testbed

IPERC has rolled out its reconfigurable Power Distribution Units (PDUs) to the Army Research Laboratory in Adelphi, Maryland. The combination of IPERC's distributed IPCs and the reconfigurable PDUs will allow flexibility of microgrids by automatically responding to microgrid elements being added or removed. This new innovation will be an integral part of the new ARL microgrid testbed, now under construction.

SPIDERS Phase II Technical Demonstration a Success

IPERC completed a successful technical demonstration of their distributed control system for SPIDERS Phase II at Fort Carson, Colorado. With the independent Government operational demonstration slated for October, IPERC's control system will be on full display in the SPIDERS microgrid. The microgrid coordinates communications among the utility grid, generators, PV, and bi-directional electric vehicles.

IPERC Hosts U.S. Military Academy Cadet Interns

Cadet  AIAD IPERC Lab 1 Cadet AIAD IPERC Lab 2 Cadet AIAD IPERC Lab 3

IPERC participated in the United States Military Academy's Academic Individual Advanced Development (AIAD) summer program by hosting two cadets at their Colorado facility. The West Point cadets worked with IPERC programmers and technicians in cyber security and thermal modeling.

50 Yard Dinner

IPERC Sponsors Army Athletics 50-Yard Line Dinner for 5th Consecutive Year

IPERC continues its support of athletics for the U.S. Military Academy at West Point by sponsoring the Athletic Director's 50-Yard Line Dinner honoring donors and staff. This is the fifth consecutive year IPERC has sponsored this dinner. Attending this year for IPERC were Operations Director, Melissa Walchko and Engineer, Denise Hanus.

IPERC Locks in New U.S. Patent

After years of research and development, IPERC was awarded a U.S. Patent (8,447,707) for Automated Control of a Power Network Using Metadata and Automated Creation of Predictive Process Models.

Phase I of SPIDERS Project Completed

IPERC completed a successful technical demonstration of their microgrid control technology for the SPIDERS Phase I Joint Capability Technology Demonstration (JCTD), involving the Department of Energy (DOE), Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS). SPIDERS' objectives are to test potential microgrid architectures that reliably integrate renewable energy, effective electrical energy storage, and cyber-security while reducing fuel consumption. IPERC embedded plug-and-play intelligence distributed into existing power equipment at the sources and loads, joining them in a controls network to form the microgrid. A "defense-in-depth" approach was taken to cyber security of the control network and its components.